Unveiling Secrets: The Quest for Hidden Assets

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Performing a Hidden Asset Search: 
  • Assets encompass various categories: bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, corporate assets, intellectual properties, UCCs, and more.
  • Each asset class requires a separate investigation.
  • No universal "magic button" exists to unveil all assets instantly.
  • Searching involves accessing different record sources. 
    • Real estate records: county recorder's office.
    • Vehicle records: Department of Motor Vehicles.
    • Bank account records: Swift Code system or ENT-type investigations.
  • Asset searching demands extensive labor and time.
  • Process involves: 
    • Sifting through record sources.
    • Gathering supporting documents.
    • Analyzing data to identify held assets.
  • Identifying potentially fraudulent conveyances: 
    • Assets transferred to hide them.
    • Assets registered under nominee trustees' names to conceal ownership.
  • Importance of asset tracing: 
    • Common in various legal scenarios are court litigation, probate cases, divorce cases, and Ponzi schemes.
  • Need for comprehensive asset search: 
    • Basic electronic searches like Google might miss crucial details.
    • A full, documented asset search ensures accurate and complete information.
  • Highlighting the importance of thorough investigation for retrieving concealed assets.
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Unveiling Secrets: The Quest for Hidden Assets
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