Unveiling Hidden Assets: The Explosive Rise You Never Saw Coming

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  • It's been quite a week for calls from clients. Today, we're diving into some developing trends regarding hidden assets and fraud against clients.
Trend Analysis:
  • Concealment of assets in legal cases, including family law, probate, divorce, child support, and litigation, is on the rise.
  • Various methods of asset concealment are emerging, often attempted by amateur hiders.
Examples of Concealment:
  • In divorce cases, individuals are moving funds out of shared accounts before settlements, aiming to retain a larger portion for themselves.
  • Similarly, in probate cases, heirs are hiding assets to prevent fair distribution among relatives.
Methods Used:
  • Quick claim deeds, cryptocurrency, trusts, and prepaid tax accounts are among the methods used for asset hiding.
  • Transferring assets to another person's name is also a common tactic.
Legal Implications:
  • Some attorneys advise clients to hide assets, believing they won't be discovered due to a lack of thorough asset searches.
  • However, uncovering hidden assets can lead to legal consequences, including fines and repayment.
Advice from Legal Experts:
  • Attorneys suggest thorough documentation and court filings to expose asset concealment and seek appropriate remedies.
  • Hidden assets are becoming increasingly prevalent, but legal avenues exist to uncover and address such deception, ensuring fair outcomes in legal proceedings.
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Unveiling Hidden Assets: The Explosive Rise You Never Saw Coming
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