Title Troubles: Bonded vs. Abandoned - Deciphering the Path to Ownership

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 Introduction: Understanding Bonded Titles for Vehicles
  • What is a bonded title? 
    • Explanation of the process: acquiring a legal title for a vehicle with no paperwork using a surety bond.
    • Applicability: Available in 38 states, excluding 12 where it's not applicable.
  • Advantages of Bonded Titles
    • Illustrative scenario: finding an abandoned vehicle and the legal implications.
    • The distinction is between a bonded title and declaring a vehicle abandoned.
    • Process: Filing for a bonded title vs. the consequences of declaring abandonment.
Dispelling Myths: 
  • Cost misconceptions: Clarifying the expenses involved in obtaining a surety bond.
  • Actual cost: A closer look at the pricing of surety bonds.
  • Application Process: 
    • Requirements: signing affidavits, filling out forms, and submitting them to the DMV.
    • Conditions for approval: ensuring the vehicle is not stolen, without significant liens, or reported as parts-only.
  • Alternatives to Bonded Titles: 
    • Mechanics lien: Misconceptions and the necessity of a $20,000 bond.
    • Warning against fraudulent practices: Consequences of Attempting Fake Mechanical Liens.
  • Exploring other options: 
    • Court order title: Explanation of obtaining a judgment of ownership through legal proceedings.
    • Process overview: filing a claim of ownership with the court and obtaining a judgment.
  • Encouragement to explore bonded titles and court-order titles as viable solutions.
  • Emphasis on legality and avoiding fraudulent practices.
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Title Troubles: Bonded vs. Abandoned - Deciphering the Path to Ownership
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