Spotting the Red Flags: How to Identify Scam Investments Online

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In this episode, we dive deep into the crucial steps you need to take to protect yourself from online investment scams. Learn how to identify fraudulent schemes and ensure your money is safe with these essential tips:
  • Verify the physical address:
    • Check if the investment scheme has a website with a physical address.
    • Use Google Maps or Google Earth to inspect the address.
    • Beware of PO Boxes, USPS stores, and virtual mailbox stores.
    • Ensure the address is not just a virtual office.
  • Check for corporation registration:
    • Look up the company name in the Secretary of State's records for that state.
    • Most legitimate companies are registered corporations.
    • Scams often lack proper registration and addresses.
  • Test the investment with a small amount:
    • Start with a small, affordable investment.
    • Monitor the returns and check if they offer impressive profits quickly.
    • Attempt to withdraw a portion of your profits to test their legitimacy.
    • Scammers often impose taxes, fees, or penalties to prevent withdrawals.
  • Verify SEC registration:
    • Ask if the investment is an SEC-registered security.
    • Request documentation and check the registration details.
    • Research the principals, or owners, of the company.
    • Use LinkedIn and other resources to verify their legitimacy.
Why These Steps Matter:
  • Following these steps can prevent 90% of fraud losses.
  • Scammers often use sophisticated tactics to deceive even experienced investors.
  • Protect yourself from Ponzi schemes, fake crypto schemes, and other fraudulent investments.
Real-Life Impact:
  • Hear stories of individuals who have lost significant amounts of money to scams.
  • Understand the emotional and financial toll of falling for fraudulent schemes.
  • Learn how to avoid becoming another victim of professional scammers.
Key Takeaway:
  • By verifying physical addresses, testing withdrawals, and checking SEC registration, you can safeguard your investments and avoid the pitfalls of online scams. Or visit at for additional resources.
Spotting the Red Flags: How to Identify Scam Investments Online
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