Justice Served: How to Get Paid Back On Your Fraud Claim Judgment

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  • Have you ever wondered what options are available to recover a judgment or loss if you've been defrauded? In many cases, the best course of action comes from third parties or insurers. Today, we delve into strategies for serving justice and financial recovery in the aftermath of fraud.
Wells Fargo and Third-Party Liability:
  • Discussion of a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighting Wells Fargo's legal battles due to alleged failures in detecting Ponzi schemes.
  • An explanation of how banks can be identified as third-party enablers and held vicariously liable in fraud cases.
  • Example of the Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme case, where TD Bank was compelled to compensate victims.
Third-Party Liability:
  • Emphasis on the importance of exploring third-party liability for recovery when fraudsters vanish with insufficient funds to reimburse victims.
  • Illustration of how banks can easily detect fraudulent activity through analytics and due diligence.
  • Disclaimer: While not legal advice, understanding third-party liability can be crucial for victims seeking restitution.
Judgment Preservation Insurance:
  • Introduction to judgment preservation insurance as a risk management option for litigants.
  • Explanation of how this insurance provides leverage during negotiations or appeals, ensuring the claimant receives their rightful compensation.
  • Example scenario: How judgment preservation insurance works even if a verdict is reduced on appeal.
  • Encouragement to explore both third-party liability and judgment preservation insurance as avenues for recovering judgments or losses resulting from fraud.
  • Reminder: seek professional legal advice tailored to individual circumstances for the best course of action.
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Justice Served: How to Get Paid Back On Your Fraud Claim Judgment
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