Cybersecurity Insight: Why Most Companies Are Already Insured

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 Importance of Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber insurance remains a critical issue for startups and other successful companies.
  • While most companies do have cyber insurance, some still don't, particularly among startups.
Statistics and insights
  • 86% of founders report having some form of cyber insurance.
  • 14% of founders operate without existing coverage. 
    • Half of these cite cost as the primary reason.
    • It's not due to a lack of understanding or perceived value.
Risk and Coverage
  • Startups are high-risk businesses, making cyber insurance even more essential.
  • Many startups have already experienced losses from cyber risks.
Customization of Policies
  • 52% of startups report having cyber coverage customized to their needs.
  • Coverage varies, but many obtain the most comprehensive policy available to them.
Cost and Preventive Measures
  • Cost is a significant barrier for some startups.
  • To reduce costs, implementing good internal controls before underwriting can help.
  • Effective preventive measures may lead to lower-cost policies.
  • Cyber insurance is vital for mitigating risk in the startup and tech worlds.
  • Evaluate your options and consider internal controls to make cyber insurance more affordable.
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Cybersecurity Insight: Why Most Companies Are Already Insured
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