Cyber Savvy: Do I Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

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  • Discussing the necessity of cyber liability insurance for individuals and businesses.
  • Understanding the lack of legal requirements for cyber liability insurance.
General Exclusions in Standard Policies
  • Most standard insurance policies have exclusions for cyber losses.
  • General liability policies often exclude coverage for data breaches and cyber attacks.
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O) policies may exclude cyber-related damages.
Evaluating Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Differences in coverage: No standard cyber liability insurance policy exists.
  • Importance of verifying coverages specific to your needs.
  • Surplus lines policies: Custom terms and conditions from each insurance company.
Business Dependence on Cyber Systems
  • The widespread reliance on computer systems in various industries.
  • Examples of cyber dependency: customer management systems, e-commerce, payroll, and manufacturing systems.
Third-Party Cyber Risks
  • Coverage considerations for third-party dependencies.
  • Impact of suppliers’ cyber issues on your business.
  • Need for coverage when your system compromises customer information.
Industry Requirements and Contracts
  • Certain industries may have licensing requirements mandating proper coverage.
  • Contractual obligations that indirectly necessitate cyber liability insurance.
Working with Insurance Professionals
  • Importance of consulting with an experienced insurance agent or broker.
  • Assessing current coverage, identifying gaps, and determining the value of cyber liability insurance.
  • Possible prerequisites for obtaining cyber coverage, such as implementing protective measures.
  • While not legally required, cyber liability insurance can be crucial for mitigating risks associated with cyber threats.
  • Ensuring comprehensive protection for your business and clients by securing the appropriate coverage.
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Cyber Savvy: Do I Need Cyber Liability Insurance?
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